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03 Dec 2019 in advisor_update,

Short summary of November

November was the month that I really started to actively look for my next step. And I can’t complain, before the month was over I had my first offer (to start as a founder the Antler program). Although I haven’t yet signed the offer at this very moment, I will. I’m really looking forward to another month of exploring ideas, and then starting on January 6th. For more information about the Antler program see here.

In the course of trying to find an opportunity I had a lot of help from some good friends, most notably Hidde, Kasper, Babke and Xander. From mental support to connections and a place to stay. Thanks! I was also able to meet a lot of new people. → Overall November was another good month for friends and family.

Healthwise (both physical and metal) the focus on trying to find a job has taken its toll. I haven’t been able to nearly cycle/exercise as much as in October, nor have I been able to keep up my meditation habit. → Therefore putting those both a bit lower.

Projects/content/product launches

  1. Continued working on this website (added the okrs, updated the way images are served, changed my deployment and hosting).
  2. Wrote about setting OKRs, How I Define OKRs and OKRs revisited

Who’d I meet?

I met quite a few people this last month (total of 34). From friends in the industry (who technically aren’t new, but did count to my goal) to their contacts and people I met at meetups. My goal this month is still 50 people, and that should be attainable.

OKRs update / risks removed

Objective 1: Received multiple offers for dreamjobs that I can start early 2020. 55%

A good month before the quarter ends I consider this one completed. Although technically it’s only at 55% I got the one offer that I really wanted to close. I’ll continue meeting people and tracking that, but will stop applying for jobs and interviews.

Objective 2: Developed a thesis plan that makes me itch so much I can’t not start it. 12%

You might have expected that I would have done much more about this one. I didn’t. With the focus on finding another job, this actually fell by the wayside a little. Even though technically it’s more in my control. Anyway, I think the positive spin to it is that I will now have time to get this up to a decent level in December. Just in time before starting Antler.

I will specifically looking at exploring four areas of interest; climate change, AI, healthcare and education (in order of interest priority).

Help wanted

  1. If you have any ideas or experience in one of the four areas, I’d love to buy you coffee.
  2. If you know of a place to live in Amsterdam, I’m looking for a place starting in January (temporary is also fine).


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