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03 Nov 2019 in advisor_update,

Short summary of October

October was about switching off, about relaxing and connecting with friends in the Netherlands. 10 days in the month were dedicated to a Vippassana silent meditation retreat. I hung out with several friends, multiple times. In Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam. I cycled a total of 425km and had one interview, alas unsuccessful. I enjoyed the Dutch coast, the Utrechtse heuvelrug, Limburg and Brabant rural areas and the Ardennes. Lastly, I started cooking more seriously again.

Projects/content/product launches

  1. Added a /projects page on my personal website. Currently this is just an overview, which I’ll be detailing in November.
  2. Updated the landing page for the Monthly finance sheet, more simple and now with email capture.
  3. Added a blog on my personal website
  4. Started this.

Who’d I meet?

I met several people at the meditation retreat, including Stijn and Marcos.

Otherwise I mostly reconnected with my friends in the Netherlands.

OKRs update / risks removed

Mostly I set up OKRs for this quarter (which obviously started with October, but these are for the next two months). What I did do in terms of working towards them are the following things:

  1. I made a mental list of some of the people I want to meet in Amsterdam. Also wrote a plan de campagne.
  2. I applied for the Funda PM job, but didn’t make it. Also talked to several recruiters over the month, but that hasn’t turned to anything (note: this was not my focus in October).
  3. Wrote a VPC for the vegetarian high-end fast-food chain. Contacted Antler.

Help wanted

  1. As my first objective describes, I’d love to meet more people in the Amsterdam product management ecosystem. Particularly I’d love to meet people who are working on combatting climate change, but I’m pragmatic in the breadth of possibilities here. If you think of anybody I should meet, I’d love to be introduced!
  2. If you know of a product management job at your or a friendly company, let me know!


Realistically I have a runway till the end of February. Which means I’ll need to start earning again from the end of January onwards.


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